For Students/Guardians

For Students/Guardians

“Whoever controls the education of our children controls the future.”

That is why boardingedu comes out with a unique solution .We follow the very concept of progress in children and therefore boardingedu comes out with an absolutely new concept of giving your child the best you can offer. Boardingedu services are totally FREE TO PARENTS/STUDENTS to explore the most around the globe. Boardingedu is the simplest web portal which can be accessed by parents from around the globe

For parents it is the easiest medium to:




Boardingedu is the one user friendly website which can be easily accessed by anyone. We have a huge number of boarding schools listed on our website which makes the search an easy process .Through the BoardingEdu we decide what is best for your child through rankings, Budget and location in which you would like to learn. Boardingedu will help you see which Boarding Schools match all your requirements narrowing the vast choice of Schools.

Boardingedu works as a gap partner with Boarding Schools providing parents with the huge help of finding what is best for their child’s future. We can generate a response to the applications as quickly as possible to get admission process an easy procedure. It is important to find out whether the application has been accepted and your child is going to get an admission in the specific boarding school.

Studying in Boarding School is an important decision and our expert team helps and communicates with parents and children convincing and informing accurately about the boarding which they are planning to seek admission in. we are skilled in this field and will only provide with the best options available.

Services and Benefits for Students provided

As a student boardingedu would be of assistance since we can send you all-important information about Boarding Schools, placement options, higher study options and guide the students with scholarships too. Above all boardingedu provides students with proficient advice on most suitable boarding school. Since everyone is very busy in today’s busy lifestyle it is difficult to find time and minutely search individual websites of Institutions to get such detailed information as we provide.

Why Us

Boardingedu charges the Boarding Schools for their services and parents do not need to pay anything to us for the services we give them. Being a decent service provider, we do not have the policy of double charging we only bill the institutions for our services thus saving your significant amount of money. Parents who enquire anytime are never charged from boardingedu. Through our experience in applying to the best boarding schools worldwide, we can offer you the best advice which no one else can provide for absolutely any cost.