For Boarding Schools

For Boarding Schools

Boardingedu the new Concept for Marketing & Advertising of Your Boarding School

Boardingedu is a gap partner bridging the huge gap between parents and boarding schools to maximize admissions due to lack of information regarding the best options available.

At boardingedu our main apprehension is how can the huge expense of marketing and advertising of boarding schools be reduced. The school should be concerned more about the teaching of curriculum development of its infrastructure and other amenities rather than spending huge amount on merely advertising to bring in more admissions which is not guaranteed.

Education is an immense competitive market it's very important to market a school beneficially to ensure a solid return on the investment that a boarding school is spending every year.

Boardingedu interacts and communicates and comes out with a solution for the boarding schools to solve this huge problem of shortage of admissions they are facing every year.

During this process boardingedu performs various activities such as:

BoardingEdu makes the marketing hassle free your school

Maximum visibility for absolutely no cost of the boarding school:

The world has become a compact place now with the use of internet and other networking devices. Boardingedu uses the most advanced techniques to provide your school with the maximum visibility around the globe.

Feature your boarding school on our website:

Boardingedu gives you a special place of yours on their website where the school can create an entire page on our website and can upload the school’s website, corporate videos and photos to make the school more venerable to seekers through boardingedu.

Smart modern techniques and Stronger Networks

Boardingedu supports our boarding School clients by offering the resources like counselor and modern tools that help in Students admissions.

We are committed to our work of developing smart and strategic admission practices for boarding schools.

Boardingedu understands the pressure and challenges that boarding schools face every admission season to meet with the desired number of students. No matter what kind of challenges or opportunities your boarding school faces, we are always there and our team will meet you where you are and help to create an action plan to increase your success. Through our industry expertise, innovative tools, and support for every level of professional, Boardingedu remains committed to delivering all the resources that can help both you and your boarding school achieve to potential.

BoardingEdu is a user-friendly experience which ensures that you'll be able to create more ground-breaking marketing campaigns, measure their success and market directly to international Students and Agents.

Global diversity is a key factor for many Boarding Schools. We recruit from 50+ countries around the world and BoardingEdu operates on 12 separate websites for vast visibility.

Benefits of working with boardingedu

BoardingEdu brings to its unique personalized service that takes away the workload of the boarding school and assures an undisruptive method of attracting quality students. With this personalized setting the boarding schools are free from the burden of achieving admission targets, and thus your school can concentrate more on research and education.