Choosing Boarding Schools

Choosing Boarding Schools

To find a truly great match for a student, families should study what sets a school apart. Before making your short list, all schools should demonstrate that their academic program.

The Basics

Do your homework as a family. Check on teachers’ credentials. Talk to the admission office about what the school values in hiring teachers.

The Program

What do you care about? What you really need to ask is whether a school is well equipped to help you to develop into your best self.

The Advisor

Ask a lot of questions about the advising system. The quality of a school’s advising system can make or break the experience of a boarding student.

The Learning Culture

Learn as much as you can about the broader learning environment.

The Integration

Students live at boarding schools, and their academic success cannot be separated from their social and extracurricular experience. Ask about student life, about the relationship between the dean of students and academic leadership.